Ride up welcomes you!

Ride Up is born from the passion of six Cuneesi bikers in love with their territory. In the heart of the Maritime Alps we have prepared and studied for you the selection of the best bike tours in order to meet all your needs compared to the required level.

Our bike tours will take you to discover the valleys of Varaita, Grana, Maira and Stura passing through the Langa, winking across the border, in France, or on the Ligurian coast. All places rich in history, culture and traditions that you can enjoy during your visit.

Why with us? Because we are professionals and local, we love our territory, we want to let you discover in the best way, how? … in E-bike.

Because? Because with the E-Bike you can enjoy the route, experiencing its beauty, and reaching the destination in the high mountains without having to worry about training.